"Look Back and Say 'So What'": The Limitations of the ... - jstor

Initially, we were not very concerned about our tutors' ability to help students from various disciplines. We felt pretty confident that if we trained our tutors to be good ...

"Look Back and Say 'So What'": The Limitations of the ... - jstor - Связанные документы

"Look Back and Say 'So What'": The Limitations of the ... - jstor


Initially, we were not very concerned about our tutors' ability to help students from various disciplines. We felt pretty confident that if we trained our tutors to be good ...

Complex Design in "The Empire Strikes Back" - jstor


The Empire Strikes Back , 1980 sequel (directed by Irvin. Kerschner) to Star ... Like A New Hope , Empire (Star Wars episode 5) has been praised in a variety of ...

"Jonathan's Great Knife": "Dracula" Meets Jack the Ripper - jstor


Dracula's assault on his disciple, Renfield, is Ripper-like in effect, leaving the latter. "all covered with blood," with "terrible injuries" and a face which eventually " ...

Bach's Motet: "Singet dem Herrn" ("Sing Ye to the Lord") - jstor


98 Bach's Motet: "Singet dem Herrn ". The key that was put in my hands has enabled me to solve the third problem with complete conviction. All three problems ...

"As Ugly as Evil" and "as Wicked as Hell": Gadianton Robbers ... - jstor


On a spring day in 1874, carpenter Charles Pulsipher busied him self putting the ... Upon learning this John promptly rebuked Suzi and cast her out and she ... the luckless owner that he has built his mill on ancient Gadianton robber territory.

Keats's Romantic Seas: "Ruthless" or "Keelless"? - jstor


promise solution: that Keats began to write "ruthless" but shifted in. I. See The ... "Calidore," a poem packed with the properties of medieval romance, including ...

"intellectus agens" in the "summa" of alexander of hales - jstor


Ad primum, quod intellectus in divisione Augustini non est secundum eundem modum ... Solutio : Intellectus vero ponit cognoscitivum angelorum, daemonum ...

From "Uncultivated Barbarian" to "Poetical Genius": The Public ... - jstor


deed "written by Phillis, a young Negro Girl, who was but a few years since, brought ... young slave woman as "the extraordinary Poetical Genius" ("Boston". 2).

"chocolate mabbie" and "pearl may lee": gwendolyn brooks ... - jstor


By Maria K. Mootry. Among the five major volumes of Gwendolyn Brooks' po- ... quently Pearl May imagines Sammy's seduction scene on the fringe of town in ...

Le "Chemin du retour": Life after "French in Action?" - jstor


Life after French in Action? by Holly U. York. J ust as we were contemplating the adoption of a new textbook for our.

Disney's "Mulan"—the "True" Deconstructed Heroine? - jstor


Mulan in t gender. Secondly, thi of cross-dressing, br. Lastly, the paper will ... I'll make a man out of you"; "Be a man"), to the process of Othering and the working ...

"Metrical Epilogue" to the Alfredian "Pastoral Care" - jstor


transcript of the Metrical Epilogue in Junius 53, based on Hatton 20, and in order to make ... For 'land'scare (18) the reading of another manuscript ... following verses: la, 2a, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 6a, 6b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 11a, lib, 12b, 13a,. 13b and 16a.

Un-Erasing "Crusoe": "Farther Adventures" in the Nineteenth ... - jstor


overlooked Daniel Defoe's The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. (1719), the second ... pages or more.8 They include publications of the text(s) in anthologies and collections,' but do not ... A few of these are Lida B. McMurry, Robins.

"Remember Me": "Memento Mori" Figures in Shakespeare's ... - jstor


dramatic architecture of Shakespeare's plays, as I will argue, these two ... adieu! remember me" (I. v. 91). ... head, do not bid me remember mine end" (2 H.

"бесы" пушкина и рассказ чехова "ведьма" - jstor


творческого сознания и художественного опыта. Метель и бесовское наваждение - это две темы, общие стихотворению Пушкина "Бесы" и рассказу ...

"Lust's Dominion"; or, the "Lascivious Queen": Authorship ... - jstor


(1) that Lust's Dominion and The Spanish Moor's Tragedy are the same play; (2) behind the ... What of the Marlovian echoes in Lust's Dominion? There seem to ...

Tennyson's "Tithonus," Huxley's "After Many a Summer" and ... - jstor


Huxley's After Many a Summer and Waugh's The Loved One. JAMES J. LYNCH. I. IN A MARCH 1947 LETTER to his literary agent, written when. The Loved One ...

Tennyson, "Lucretius" and the "Breasts of Helen" - jstor


But girls, He tairai" (11. 50-52). This phantasm of obscene corruption affronts the speaker as it would have disturbed the historical Lucretius, who disapproved of ...

"Soft Filters": Some Sunshine on "Cat in the Rain" - jstor


Seymour Chatman. "Soft Filters": Some Sunshine on "Cat in the Rain". David Herman introduces his collection Narratologies with a citation from. David Lodge's ...

"The Old Man and the Sea": An "Open" Literary Experience - jstor


novel, The Tempter, Petitclerc lovingly quotes what he terms the "luring" be- ginning of The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. . . "He was an old man ...

"The Tell-Tale Heart" and the "Evil Eye" - jstor


1 ' 'The Tell-Tale Heart, ' ' in Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe. Thomas Ollive Mab bot, Editor (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1978), III, 792.

"(Goze), Harugoma," and "Manzai" - jstor


[no] Jizõ") at the Keikyõji a Kannon temple, was visited by many blind people. See Kyõ warabe (pub. ... 5. toshi toru sono hi no ashita ni wa. All-renewing water ... of a performance by Ihira. Take Tokyo: Nadja (PA-6034-35, Trio Records), ca.

"Paradise Lost" and the "Iliad" - jstor


this technique has its only parallel in the structure of Paradise Lost. In the linear narrative of the Odyssey, plot and story are very nearly coextensive. The same is ...

"Star Wars", One of "Doom" - jstor


Jesus Lord, they are in possession of some serious nance-hand grenades and pipe bombs, all homem nails and jacks and BBs- and these guys, breathles.

"Maid and Man" in "Twelfth Night" - jstor


'Man and Maid" in Twelfth Night 329. Like It, and Viola in Twelfth ... in a perfect, perpetual, bisexual union that figures marital harmony. The sources of such an ...

“Du Du That Voodoo”: "M. Venus" and "M. Butterfly" - jstor


affection. M. Butterfly and "M. Venus" thus both use their title to evoke the theme of gender role confusion. The play and the novel both ask "who is the man here, ...

Raphael's "Potent Tongue": Power and Spectacle in "Paradise ... - jstor


Raphael, and particularly on the angel's extended rumination on what we might call ... the prohibited "Fruit Divine" (67) in Eve's dream that very morning.2 ... some false guile pervert" man—"and shall pervert," by "glozing lies" (3.92-93). This ... its "great Pregnancy of Invention, and Strength of Imagination" for praise (92-93).

"Heart of Darkness": "Anti-Imperialism, Racism, or ... - jstor


"projects the image of Africa as 'the other world,' the antithesis of. Europe and ... Achebe would therefore like to strike Conrad's novella from the cur riculum, where it has ... cally about what Conrad saw in King Leopold's African empire in. 1890; the extent to ... biguity, perhaps the main form of "darkness" in the story, prevails.

Outsider Nostalgia in "Dazed and Confused" and "Detroit ... - jstor


for more than thirty years, while producing almost no "number one" singles. The soundtracks of Dazed and Confused and Detroit Rock City include fifty songs that ...

sobre mi madre, Hable con ella", and "Volver" - jstor


the tragic loss of her son, travels from Madrid to Barcelona in search of ... travel writer, Marco, and a nurse, Benigno; the romantic relationship between Marco and ... Columbia TriStar, 1 986. Film. ... Roig Vila, Maria and Teresa Castro Martin.

"Punish with Impunity": Poe, Thomas Dunn English, and "The ... - jstor


and Thomas Dunn English is Fortunato. "Montresor is Poe - careful, crafty, and methodical - wreaking vengeance on his enemies; and the cask of. Amontillado is ...

"Sigmund Freud, Analyze This": How Madonna Situates "Die ... - jstor


lyrics frame the song's title and chorus in relation to an internally regulated and flexible death instinct: "I think I'll find another way... I guess I'll die another day.

"Here Comes the Bride" : The Making of a "Modern Traditional ... - jstor


"Here Comes the Bride" : The Making of a "Modern Traditional". Wedding in Western Culture*. DAWN H. CURRIE**. Changes in marriage and family dynamics ...

"Vain Affectations": Bacon on Ciceronianism in "The ... - jstor


whereby learning hath been most traduced. ... the first, fantasti- cal learning; the second, contentious learning; and the last, delicate learning; vain imaginations ...

Digressions and Madness in "A Tale of a Tub" and "Tristram ... - jstor


A Tale of a Tub and Tristram Shandy. By MICHAEL V DEPORTE. IT WAS a paradox of the Stoics that knaves and fools are mad and that every deviation from ...